San Diego Family Portrait Photographer – Natural Light Springtime Wildflowers Family Portrait Session

This gorgeous family session has me feeling nostalgic for the gloriously green and beautiful Spring we had last year in San Diego.  We knew we lucked out when we found the tallest mustard flower plants we had ever seen!  Today that same location is dry and barren, and we’re lucky if we get half an inch of rain.  Well….one can always reminisce about the good ole days, right?  They say last Spring was the kind of Spring we get maybe once every 7-10 years and I believe it.  The good news is I’ve been doing some scouting with my kids and I’ve still managed to find some secret locations that are still green.  We shall see if we get any wildflowers this year….I’m hopeful but not holding my breath.

With that said, how beautiful is this family?  Laura has become a great friend since our session last year.  She’s helped me with my aches and pains as she is also an amazing massage therapist and a member of my women’s networking group.  I loved working with this family to help them capture some beautiful framed and matted art for their walls.  Her beautiful daughter and sweet dog Sol were so fun to photograph and I enjoyed meeting her husband.  These are the kind of clients I love working with… fun, kind, and full of love for each other.  Scroll down to the last image to see the stunning framed wall gallery they invested in for their home.  

  • Kaori Devine said:

    Oh I miss those yellow mustard so much! I hope we will get them this year again! Beautiful photos Rachel. The backdrop really fits this adorable happy family.

    • rachel said:

      Thank you Kaori. I miss the yellow mustard flowers so much too!

  • Merima said:

    Wow - from the first moment I scrolled down, I thought SPRING! Wonderful capture of the season with these family photos :)

    • rachel said:

      Thank you Merima!

  • Kellie Schneider said:

    These are beautiful! What a joyful Family portrait session. I definitely am missing those pretty spring colors from last year. Wildflowers were in bloom all over san diego county!

    • rachel said:

      Thank you Kellie. I guess this makes us appreciate the kind of Spring we had last year more than ever, since it only comes around every 7-10 years.

  • Great family portraits! Made me miss beautiful spring in San Diego.

    • rachel said:

      Thank you. I miss the colors we had last Spring too!

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