San Diego Family Photographer | Beautiful and joyful family portrait session with King Charles Spaniel dog in a Mission Trails Park meadow

Their first professional portrait session

When Susie called me to inquire about my photography, I knew we would be the perfect fit when she said, “I love the joy and connection you capture in your images, and the beautiful, soft tones.”  This was this family’s first portrait session together as a family.  She had already won my heart when she told me this, but when she mentioned their sweet King Charles Spaniel, I just had to photograph them!  It was important to them to include their dog in these images as she is such a big part of their lives, and their little boy Jayden’s heart just lit up for her.  I am so happy they brought her along.  By the way, if you are interested in dance lessons for adults or kids, Susie and her husband run a top-notch dance studio in La Jolla and Pacific Beach called Ooh La La Dance Academy.  Be sure to check them out here:

Beautiful Mission Trails Meadow

It was a beautiful Springtime day for their family’s portraits.  I took them to one of my favorite meadows in Mission Trails with a big beautiful tree and wildflowers.  We lucked out with such gorgeous, soft light filtering through the trees and behind the mountains.  During this time of year, we were blessed with green foliage, wildflowers, and a beautiful San Diego day.

Styling & Wardrobe

We chose soft, neutral tones for their wardrobe and natural fabrics, which complimented this backdrop perfectly.  I loved that both Mom and doggy got to wear the beautiful flower crown.  It added such great texture and color to these images.  The cute fish print on Jayden’s button up shirt and his suspenders paired perfectly with his shorts and shoes.  Mom and Dad are gorgeous, so it’s clear where he gets his good looks.  I love it when clients choose soft, muted tones and simple wardrobe for a session in nature’s backdrop, this way their love and connection is the main focus of the images.

How I approach my sessions

I always take a relaxed, casual approach with my family sessions.  We kept it light-hearted and fun.  I am extremely patient, while still being quick to capture those beautiful moments of connection that flash before my eyes.  Ever since I became a Mother, my approach to photographing children with their parents has always been with my big, open heart.  I always strive to translate that beauty I see with my heart and capture it into a frame.  My most important goal in photographing families is to show them how absolutely beautiful they are when they are present and connected together and just being who they are.

The Design Session

About 2-3 weeks after the session, I meet with my clients at their home to help them design wall art or a fine art album.  It is my goal that each client who works with me comes away from their session with at least one tangible, printed fine art piece.  Each client has different needs and desires – some have huge walls to fill, while some have very little wall space.  There is something out there for each client to enjoy in printed form.  I love showing clients my samples and all the beautiful options there are for their images.  This family chose to have a framed art collection which we designed together during their design session.  I love the high-end, museum quality look of large prints matted inside of a beautiful beveled frame.  Here is what they now have hanging in their home!  I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with this family and help them create this gorgeous wall art for them to enjoy in their home.


Interested in having a portrait session with me and learning more about my fine art pieces?  Email me at to say hello and to set up a complimentary consultation.  I would love to chat with you and meet you in-person.

  • Allison Anderson said:

    Missions Trails Meadows is dreamy! Love the long grasses! And the puppy is so sweet. This is a beautiful family.

  • Kaori said:

    Love these images! These are gorgeous family photos. And the puppy is so adorable!

  • Victoria Vasilyeva said:

    Landscape in San Diego is just fantastic! I love every single picture of this beautiful family.

  • Kelly said:

    Oh my gosh that pup! This session is gorgeous.

  • Tania said:

    I absolutely love this session. What a beautiful family.

  • Chrisinda said:

    Beautiful family images! The puppy is so cute too. Great blog!

  • Marie said:

    What a fun and beautiful family session! Their outfits are perfection and I love green mission trails looks this time of year! That pup is beyond adorable! it's so great how you explain your process too...thanks for sharing!

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