San Diego Family Photographer | Coronado Beach sunset portraits with red Vizsla dog


I am long overdue to share this adorable session from 2017. And, now it’s become a tribute to their sweet vizsla dog named Guy, who passed away several weeks ago. It is with great sadness that I share this news with you as I have grown so fond of him over the years. I have had the honor of capturing him with this beautiful family for four sessions.

It is quite clear how important he was to them as he came to every family portrait session they had with me, and we always planned the locations so that he could come with them so that there would be no issues. He was the most obedient and loyal dog, he would just follow them off-leash and obey every command. I was always so impressed with his intelligence, his demeanor, and his energetic playfulness even in his older age–he always acted like a puppy. He gave so much to them and they loved him back. He reminded me so much of my late dog Miles, a lab mix that I rescued from the shelter back in 2001 and lost to cancer 13 years later. He shared many of the same qualities as Guy.

I truly adored photographing Guy with his family because he was so animated with them. I loved the way he looked at them with such adoration and love. He truly loved them with all his heart. They were his pack and he would do anything for them. What a great dog! There are no words to describe that quality that he possessed. This dog was just special. May you rest in peace, sweet Guy.


Even though I photographed this session at Coronado Beach quite awhile ago, I love looking back at these images because I remember the fun we all had together, and of course, the resulting framed fine art I helped them print for their stairway. See the mock up I created at the end of this post.

One thing I’ve never had happen before–Dad ended up cutting his hand on a piece of wood from a boat that had washed up on shore. He was trying to get it out of the way so it wouldn’t injure any of us as it was crashing onto the shore. It had a rusty nail in it and ended up cutting him and the blood scared the girls pretty bad that we had to cut the session short, before I could get a good image of the girls with Guy or a family one at the water. So, we ended up meeting up a couple weeks later at a different beach in La Jolla for a quick little reshoot. I’m sharing a few images from that reshoot here too along with an image of the actual framed canvas that hangs in their home. It’s a stunner! They also have a framed canvas of the family image but I don’t have a photo of that one yet to share.

If you would like to see their past sessions, click on these links here to see their Mission Trails session and their Marian Bear Park session here. Last year they did a fun at-home session with me that I’m hoping to blog soon, so stay tuned!

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  • Angela Beransky said:

    Great family session. Love all the fun running images. Wall art looks amazing!

  • Maryanne said:

    I love following your photography! This session was amazing and loved the use of light. You are a true professional photographer

    • rachel said:

      Thank you, Maryanne for your sweet and kind compliments!

  • Kelsey said:

    What an amazing session!! You capture families with dogs with such heart!

    • rachel said:

      Thank you, Kelsey! I truly love it when families include their pups in their sessions with me. They are part of the family and they add so much warmth and love to the images.

  • Heather Broomhall said:

    ADORABLE! this family is too cute and i bet they are still thrilled with the beautiful images on their wall. dont even get me started on the dog!! love, love!

    • rachel said:

      Thank you, Heather! Aren't they adorable? I am so sad their sweet dog passed away recently. He was the best dog and such a good boy.

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