San Diego Family Lifestyle Photographer | Fun family portrait session with green hills and golden light

I loved photographing this adorable family.  They were all smiles and had the best time together.  We had been blessed with a lot of rain at this time of year, so the hills were filled with green grass and foliage.  Dare I say San Diego could look a bit like Ireland?  OK, maybe that is a stretch.  But, still it was pretty green to my eyes, which made for the loveliest backdrop for this session.  This family really showed their connection and their love for each other.  They were so happy and relaxed together and I truly enjoyed photographing them. Interested in a session with Rachel Manning Photography?  Please get in touch by filling out the contact form.  I would love to hear from you!

  • Pham Zeman said:

    rachel, we are grateful for these photos. they are very special to us. eVery time we look at them which is everyday, we remember the happy beautiful day surrounded by breathtaking scenery and talented artist who created them.

    • rachel said:

      Thank you, Pham! I'm so happy to hear how special these portraits are to your family and the beautiful memory they provide to you. I'm looking forward to photographing you all again soon!

  • Heather B said:

    San Diego is so beautiful!! As soon as my family visits me I’ll be giving you a call! I’m looking for a combination of formal and lifestyle photography so this is perfect! Hopefully it will still be beautiful and green by then!

    • rachel said:

      Thank you, Heather. With the amount of rain San Diego has been getting, I'm sure it will still be lush and beautiful. There has been talk of another superbloom too! I get so excited about wildflowers for family portrait sessions!

  • Allie Yackel said:

    These are gorgeous...I would have believed they were in Ireland!

  • Glenna Rosenberg said:

    If I am ever in the San Diego area ( this summer) I would love to talk about a photo session for my family
    Thank you

    • rachel said:

      Thank you, Glenna! I look forward to chatting with you about a family portrait session when your family visits the San Diego area.

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