San Diego Dog and Family Photography | Labs and More Rescue Organization Volunteer Work by Rachel Manning Photography

Last weekend I had the honor of volunteering my time by photographing these sweet rescue dogs for Labs and More Rescue, an organization that is very close to my heart.  My family adopted our two rescue pups Skipper and Scout from this organization.  Working with these puppies was the best kind of therapy.  Spending the afternoon photographing them, meeting their foster parents, and hearing their stories was very heart-warming.  It seriously made my week!  I loved donating my time for a cause I truly believe in.  I hope I can make a difference in the world one cute puppy photo at a time.

They have more dogs available for adoption than ever before.  A huge thank you to all the foster families who open up their hearts and homes to the foster pups and help them transition to their forever homes.  I photographed some of the foster parents with their foster puppy so that they could have a photo together.  Some of the rescue pups are with their foster families for a short amount of time and some are there for many months, like our Skipper, who took quite a long time to get adopted.  His foster Mom told us that he was just waiting for us to find him.  She was right.  🙂

Please enjoy scrolling through all of the photos.  You can read more about each one on their website.  Anyone interested in adopting can fill out an application online at, which is the first step in getting approved to adopt.  A special thank you to Pam Ahrens for her assistance on that day.  She helped me organize these sessions with their foster families and helped me get the pups’ attention.  I learned a valuable tip from her – that fart noises work really well to get a dog’s attention, when nothing else will.  Ha!

I am donating a doggie + family photo session for their annual fundraiser “Bark at the Barn”, which is coming up on May 6th.  If you’re interested in attending, you can go to this link for more information and to purchase tickets.  Enjoy all the puppy photos!  Starting with Albert & Ricardo.  There are more images of them at the end of the blog post as well.  Ricardo has already been adopted, but the brown one named Albert is still available.  Someone better adopt him soon or I might.  I just have to convince my husband to adopt a third dog!  😉

This is sweet Rowan.  She is spunky and sweet.  She has such a beautiful coat.  She loves to play with the tennis ball.  Read more about her and the rest of these pups on their website.

These pups are named Deanna and Deidra.  They were so young that they couldn’t touch the ground since they hadn’t had their vaccines yet.   I’m thankful I brought my wooden wine box as a prop because it came in handy.  Aren’t they cute?

This is Connor.  At 7 years of age, he has had quite a rough life.  He’s has had bleach poured on him (because they thought it would kill the fleas) and he’s been shot with a pellet gun (they found pellets inside his body when they did an x-ray).  Poor guy!  He deserves to go to a loving family that will spoil him so he can live the dream.

This is Remy.  He’s super playful and adorable.  He reminds me of my Skipper.

This is Joy.  She is sweet and easygoing and she would love to go to her forever home soon.

This is Jessa.  Her brindle coat is amazingly beautiful.  Her eyes are stunning as well.  She looks like she could be my dog Scout’s little sister.  I have a huge soft spot for brindles.  They have such gorgeous colors.  Sweet Jessa was very shy at first and afraid of the camera.  But after about 10 minutes she warmed up to me and the camera and gave me a smile too.

This is Ricardo.  I love his eyebrows!  He has already gone to his forever home.  What a lucky family!!

Sweet Albert.  You were the most fun to photograph.  I loved your curiosity and your playfulness.  I can tell that there will never be a dull moment with you in the house.  If only I lived on a big ranch with lots of space, I’d adopt you and lots more of these pups.

This is Katie, Ricardo and Albert’s foster Mom.  It was so great reconnecting with her because she was my dog Scout’s foster Mom.  Thank you, Katie for all that you do for the pups!

  • Brenden said:

    Oh my goodness aren't is my favorite! I don't know how you photograph all these adorable dogggies and. It take them all home with you! I hope they all find forever homes on San Diego.

  • the work you are doing for this organization is so wonderful! I have no doubt that beautiful portraits will help these amazing doggies find homes even faster and this also helps bring so much awareness to the cause! You certainly have a special talent for capturing unique doggie personalities! Must be all the love you have for them! thank you!

  • Merima said:

    I just died a little - I love all of these pups and your photos really captured their personalities! This is wonderful work you're doing for Labs and More Rescue and I'm looking forward to seeing the next installment :)

  • Frank said:

    Such special work you did with the labs and more organization! Such precious photos of these dogs. I do volunteer work for a rescue organization as well. Hopefully your photos continue to find homes for animals in need!

  • Kaori D said:

    Wow Rachel you photographed so many of them! It's amazing what you are able to capture with these dogs. I can see your love for them through your lens! I hope all of them will find their forever home soon.

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