San Diego Family Lifestyle Photography Session with Standard Poodle Dog at Marian Bear

I felt so honored when this amazing couple asked me to help them document the happiness and love they share in their lives together after a very challenging  time in their lives.  They had been through many tough times in dealing with a traumatic brain injury and healing from it.  They arrived with huge smiles and so much happiness inside that it was impossible not to feel it. Even their service dog Denny was all smiles!  The way they are living their lives with such grace and joy for life inspires me to live mine with the same love and conviction.

I’m incredibly thankful that they were willing to open themselves up to me during a “beloved session” where I invited them to share certain things with each other (which I had them whisper to each other to keep it intimate).  When I initially asked them if they were interested in trying this, they said, “Well maybe, but only if it’s not too mushy.”  Haha, well I ended up capturing my most favorite image of 2015 (the very last image in this blog post) and it is seriously mushy but it is perfect and pure magic.  If you are curious about “Beloved Photography” feel free to look it up online.  It’s an amazing method for capturing authentic and intimate moments in photography.  Thank you T.J., Brooke and Denny for the privilege of capturing this happy time in your lives.  I feel so lucky you chose me to be your photographer.  P.S.  It seriously took all my strength NOT to take Denny home with me.  He had so much personality I was smitten with him, and I’ve always wanted to have a standard poodle.  Someday I will…. but right now we are at capacity with our two young puppies, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of a 3rd and 4th puppy….  🙂

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  • Ashley said:

    Wow. Gorgeous photo session at Marian Bear Park, I love their pet poodle! You are so good at photographing dogs and their families. Stunning light and the perfect San Diego location makes this a fantastic session!

  • Sergey said:

    What a beautiful lifestyle family session in Marian Bear! You truly showed their happiness, joy and love towards each other and their adorable puddle dog! The last image is definitely one of my most favorites from this session. This one picture tells it all!

  • Your write up gave me goosebumps and I couldn't wait to see how you captured these family photos at Marian Bear Park. I have to say, WOW Rachel! These portraits are genuine, warm, and convey the bond these three have, because dogs are family members too!

  • Kay said:

    Such beautiful lifestyle portrait of the couple and oh my goodness the service dog is so so cute!! You can feel the love and compassion they have towards each other from your photos. Beautiful use of the light too! I love the last photo.

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