San Diego Family Photographer | San Diego Dog Photographer | San Diego Natural Light Photography | Gorgeous back-lit Family Photo Session at Mission Trails in the San Diego sunshine

Finally getting around to sharing this amazing session from last Fall at Mission Trails.  These clients of mine are what I call my dreamies.  They come back to see me year after year with their adorable girls and their SWEET visla dog named Guy.  They’re always perfectly dressed and no matter what they are all smiles and ready to have some fun.  What if I told you that the flies were relentless on this day and they kept flying into their faces?  Even their dog was annoyed by these flies.  I felt so bad, but really you can’t control mother nature.  It was a very warm day.  But even with this irritation you really can’t tell at all.  This family took it all in stride and they took my direction perfectly.  I don’t give a ton of direction, but I do like to set up a few sets of images to get the best lighting.  Then I just let let the magic happen.  With dream clients like this, the magic moments are plentiful.  Thank you to the M family for an amazing session.  They ordered a huge canvas wall grouping for their home from this session.  It made my heart so happy.  To see the canvas wall grouping that hangs in their home, it’s at the end of this blog post.  Enjoy!


  • Keicha said:

    This whole session is gorgeous! Great work! I especially love the canvas shot at the end. Wall art is life!

  • breeanna lasher said:

    These are so beautiful i want to cry! You are such a wonderful family photographer! Truly exceptional work!

    • rachel said:

      Thank you Breanna for such sweet compliments! I am so flattered by your kind words.

  • Mariela Feliz Fernandez said:

    The tones on these images is superb!!

  • CYDNEE L JEX said:

    Love the dog! Beautiful images.

  • Angela said:

    Such beautiful captures!! Love all the edits and light!! and I want that house in the last picture, lol!

  • Emma said:

    What beautiful pictures!

  • Wow! This San Diego family session is so cute! I love that this family involves their sweet pup in their family portraits year after year! This family is so lucky to have you as their San Diego dog and family photographer!

  • Rachel said:

    What a fun family portrait session! their personalities have been captured so well! the dog is my favorite :)

  • Shilan said:

    Beautiful location and gorgeous family!

  • Valentina said:

    Wow! Beautiful family and photos. I love especially the canvas on their sofa. They can look every day at their legacy <3

  • Michelle said:

    What a great family session. I love that their dog is part of the session. Loved the lighting in these as well!

  • Kim said:

    What a beautiful day at mission trails. I love that this family brought their dog along for the fun. I love the wall gallery too!

  • Merima said:

    These are incredible family and dog photos - classic mission trails with lovely golden sunset light. Everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time, regardless of whatever hurdles mother nature threw at you!

  • Frank said:

    You nailed this gorgeous back-lit family & dog photo session!! The lighting in Mission Trails looks stunning! The children, the family, and the dog look amazing in the San Diego sunlight! Stunning work!

  • Kaori D said:

    Rachel I love this session. The family look so cute and happy together. Beautiful San Diego Mission Trails session! Back lit is your signature style and you nailed it!

  • Wow - these guys are dreamies for sure! So well dressed and such sweet smiles! And you captured them
    beautifully. that back-lit golden hour glow is also dreamy! (and I love a good game of ring-around-the-rosie!) nice work!

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