The Details

  • Can you tell me more about your style and your approach to photography?

    I take a casual approach to my sessions as I like to capture clients in their natural states. I think it’s necessary to be extra patient, remain positive, and to never give up, even when little ones are not cooperating.  I’m very proud to share that after a session many of my clients tell me that they had so much fun, that I was so easy to work with, and they appreciate how patient I am. A photo session should also be about the experience in addition to the images created.  I want my clients to look back on their sessions as fond memories so that their children are happy and excited to come back to me year after year.  I understand the importance of having one good posed image of your family smiling and looking at the camera, and I always take the time to capture one.  However, my favorite kinds of images are the ones where we let kids be kids.  We may add a little bit of styling, but we still focus on capturing authentic portraits of your family and what childhood looks like.  An authentic portrait cannot be faked.  I love the in-between moments and the simplicity and beauty of portraits that convey emotion, connection and movement.  For me, that is where the magic happens.  If you’re looking for a few posed portraits but also value the in-between, candid moments that convey emotion and connection, then we may be a perfect fit.  If you love whimsical, backlit images but your life is messy and chaotic with your kids, then we certainly could be a great match.  I thrive photographing families that are crazy together and crazy for each other.  Oh, and if you have a dog…..PLEASE bring him/her to your session!  I specialize in capturing families with their pooches, and I absolutely adore them!

  • Why should I hire you?

    The benefits of working with my luxury photography studio is receiving tailored attention to your custom photography needs.  I work with you one-on-one to help you envision the look you want for your images.  This starts with the pre-planning phase of looking at the interior of your home, the color scheme and the style.  We talk about what kind of look you want for your photos, your styling preferences, and where you would like to enjoy the custom artwork we will create.  I work with you to help select your wardrobe and the perfect location to showcase these images in your home.  We talk about any concerns you have for your session and I make sure I have a good idea of what kinds of images you like.  Together we prepare a strategy for capturing the images you want.  About 2-3 weeks after your session, I will come to your house and work with you on creating a beautiful wall art gallery collection, with either canvas gallery wraps, framed prints, fine art prints mounted on birch wood or bamboo, or a combination of them, as well as a fine art album, tabletop artwork, and desk/gift prints.  There are so many choices that may seem overwhelming to you, but with my assistance and expertise, I can help simplify the process to make sure your artwork will make it onto your walls and into your home to be enjoyed, rather than just sitting on your computer or on a zip drive in your desk drawer. With my five years of being in business professionally and my ten years of photography experience, clients can feel confident that this will be the most fun, relaxed, and easy process to work with me as their photographer.  To hear from my clients themselves, please go to my testimonials here or go to Yelp for more reviews.

  • Do you sell digital files?

    I definitely understand the desire to have the digital files from your session.  A few high-resolution digital files are included with the session fee.  Digital files are also included in each of my packages.

  • Why do you sell prints and artwork, and not just digital files?

    We live in a digital age where we are taking countless photos that never get printed.  Of course, you have every intention of printing them but you you never get around to it.  Printing is expensive and time consuming.  However, tangible prints bring back the memory of those moments.  Memories were meant to be enjoyed by flipping through an album or viewing your beautiful framed images each time you and your family members walk down the hallway where they are hung, not by viewing them on a computer screen.  The place to save money should not be on your most important investment.  Consider the few things you would grab in the event of a fire and you know it would most certainly be your photo albums and prints.  If you are investing in custom photography as well as digital files, don’t ruin them with cheap drug-store prints.  If you choose to print your own digital files they come with NO GUARANTEE, as the quality and color will vary.  All work is performed on my calibrated monitor to match my professional printer specifications.  I am trained to crop and sharpen my images so that they look amazing when they’re printed through my professional lab that services only to the trade.  I have made it my goal to ensure that all of my clients will own AT LEAST a few tangible prints and artwork from their session with me.  There is nothing like seeing my clients’ faces light up when they see their beautiful images printed!

  • What kinds of locations do you typically like to use for sessions?

    I have a handful of favorite locations that I return to year after year, which include a field with mountains location, a woodsy location, beach locations, as well as some favorite go-to spots when the wildflowers are blooming in the Spring and Summer.  I know these locations well, having have scouted each spot with my own kids during different times of the year so that I know where the light will be during the golden hour.  I almost always scout my location the week prior to a session just to be sure it has everything I would like for my images.  I like to be prepared, and since I’m addicted to backlight, I have to do my prep work beforehand so that I know where the light will be.  Part of my session planning is choosing the perfect location for each client.  As soon as the session fee is paid and the Contract is signed, we can discuss some of my favorite locations in detail.

  • When is a good time to schedule my maternity and newborn sessions?

    Maternity sessions are best done between 28 and 32 weeks.  Newborn lifestyle sessions are best done in the first ten days of life, although I have photographed newborns as old as six weeks. It is best to schedule your session as far in advance as possible.  I take a photo-journalistic approach with my newborn sessions, focusing on the sweetness of the love and connections in the first few weeks with a newborn baby.  I prefer simple, timeless lifestyle images where baby is part of your environment, i.e., in the nursery, using your bedding as the background, or simply capturing Mom holding baby in dreamy window light.  I especially love to include siblings and family pets in this lifestyle session.

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